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Climing and other work.

11-6-2012 Guymon 013

I have been up in the towers for three days now.  We embarked from our base in Pipestone, MN and drove straight through to Guymon, OK.  The first day was the first time I had actually climbed an S88 wind turbine (my climb test was on a smaller tower), and I made it up OK, and proceeded to work for the next 10 or 12 hours inside one of the blades.  The next day was the same, and the next day, we unloaded one tower and climbed the next.  I am getting ready to work again, and I feel sore, but rested.  I am anxious to start. 

Oh, the picture above is a wind turbine with a load of our supplies being lowered from the service hatch.  We haul about four such loads up into the tower and back down again after we are done working. 

This job is challenging, but exhilarating. More later.

Guymon, OK and 400M Wind Turbines

I get the feeling that this town as been here awhile. We pulled in here at 10:00 last night (14 hrs on the road). I am sleeping during the day so I can work on the wind turbines tonight.

These things are 400 ft tall, and we climb them up by ladder. Once we are up in the hub of the turbine, we will be there making repairs for 12 hours. We are time shifting today, so I don't expect we'll get as much done today as we will tomorrow. We'll see.


WindMonkey is back.

I joined Suzlon hoping I could climb towers. On Monday, I start a new journey in my life. Six years ago I joined Suzlon to climb towers, but I found myself building 7 ton, 43 meter turbine blades. We went through a version change when I was there (from V2 to V3 blades), and I have a lot of history with this company. I will be climbing towers and lowering myself down, hopefully soon by Abseiling, and checking blades that either me or my colleagues built.

I will be repairing some of these blades. Hopefully I will have a hand in shaping the future of the wind industry.
Loss, early wounds, righteous anger
Let it shine through. Put it out where it belongs.
Share hard. Put it the fuck through their chests.

This is the time for the night of the soul
The face in the night that shines out of the black
The shout. Let it make you hoarse in one long blow.

All your twisties and darkness, it has worth now
What made you different then makes you strong now
Hate never lasts, but memory seeps strong in the quiet

It touches the same place in the people you thought you hated.
It makes them wish they were kinder back then
Fuck 'em. They aren't worth the attention they need now.

In their suburbs.
In their cubicles.

The Nut

I was reading an Elmore Leonard novel sometime ago when I ran across the concept of the Nut. I think it's a gambling term, and the meaning shifts with the folks who invoke it, but I interpret it as the core of money you make on a big score that will set you up for life. In other words, if you are lucky enough to get your Nut, and you don't touch it, you are set for life living off the interest.

I'm feeling a nut in my future. I can feel it out there. I'm 47 years old, and I can feel it coming soon. and when I get it, i will be the foundation that will allow me to build and take chances. With a nut, you can jump, you can sprint, you can aim higher. Watch for me, muthafuckas. It's coming.

I read.

I read. Probably too much, but it makes me happy. The thing is, whenever i read something good, it makes me brain fire in ways that makes me want to become a better writer. Come on, admit it. You are in the same boat. Whenever you read lush description, or incisive characterization, or totally balls-out extrapolation, you want to write. If not, what are you doing here in Blog land?

Writer's Block: School Ties

Scientific and Technical communication, and although I don't write many tech manuals these days, it helps me. I know how to communicate technical things in short, easy to understand terms. I have an unshakable faith that is nothing in this world that is too complex to understand. That is the essence of writing, and in science fiction, which I love, it focuses me on the RULES, in a geeky, nerd loving way that lets me put big ideas into play.

What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?

Writing vs Writer

I write well, but that doesn't make me a writer. You see, a writer writes every day about something, and emails don't count. Do I want to be a writer? Yes. Do I have the tools to be a writer? Yes. So what makes me think I am not a writer? All of my best stuff, all of my greatest ideas I produce because I want to feel good about myself. I have only tried to sell a few things, and they sold.

But I don't submit my babies, you know, the ones that I think are the best of what I have. Why don't I submit those? Ya got me.

New Job

I'm working for a new place now. I'm not sure what to make of this one. I'm intrigued. It is at backup power systems. (www.backuppowersource.com)

In the electric mist with confederate dead

I really wanted to like this movie.  I loved the book.  It kind of changed my perception of the South, even though I had struggled through "Absolam, Absolam" in high school.  Luckily, James Lee Burke was more in the "Rose for  Miss Emily" and Flannery O'Connor school than the rest of the tiresome crawl through the decaying Southern Aristocracy.

The problem with the film, though, was that it filmed like "Good Night and Good Luck" for the first half.  It was so deadpan, so "Cinema Verite" in the beginning that it turned off most people and other beings like theatre critics before they could even figure out what the story was about.

Dave Robicheaux is a man with problems,  foremost among them is that he is a force for chaotic good in a world where that doesn't matter.  His drinking and his need for violence (which we all slaver for) is what brings him down to the real world.  We wish he could be a force that destroys the things so obviously evil and present in his day to day existence, yet he has to be polite and civil to monsters.

I don't think that using a french director was a mistake, but whoever edited the beginning of the film had no connection into the balls and womb of this country and the deep Louisiana story this is born from , and they needed it, because that is where the book came from.